Alianza GoogleEarth-Microsoft Flight Simulator
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    21 sep, 07

    Alianza GoogleEarth-Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Google Earth in Microsoft Flight Simulator

    Google I/O 2010 is coming in May, but we're already starting to hear about some of the neat projects that will be unveiled there.

    The first one is called GEVision, which is trying to evolve into a 3D scenery engine. Their initial goal is to use Google Earth as the scenery in Microsoft Flight Simulator: "In the past various attempts had been made to use Google Earth scenery instead of the one included in Microsoft Flight Simulator FSX. Yet due to limitations in the interface technology this has never been fully achieved. GEVision is a new project that will enable the use of Google Earth as a full blown 3D scenery engine."

    There have been some integrations of MS Flight Sim and Google Earth in the past, but nothing to this extent. Previous integrations include a version that used Google Earth as an overhead map and an idea to take Flight Sim Scenery and use it in Google Earth.

    Over the past few years Google Earth imagery, combined with improved terrain quality and more 3D buildings, has blown past the quality found in Microsoft Flight Sim. The only real downside would be less realistic airports (MS Flight Sim does a great job with those), but that is improving with each new imagery update as well. On the flip side, Google Earth has a built-in flight simulator, but it's not nearly as full-featured as the one made by Microsoft. Combining the best of both could create something pretty neat.

    The video below shows the vast quality difference between Google Earth and MS Flight Simulator X:

    If you'd like more information about how to use the Google Earth Plug-in in a desktop application, this page should help. GEVision is expected to unveil some type of public release at Google I/O, so we're looking forward to seeing what comes out of it.



    P.D.: por mucho cierre de ACE... está claro que nadie iba a dejar morir a la gallina de los huevos de oro --> ¿habrá FS XI?

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    11 ene, 08
    Genial noticia !!!

    ¿Fumas, cariño? Ummmh... Pincha en mi imagen mi amor...

    Keep fucking that chicken !!

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    26 ago, 08
    joder, que buena!


    eL qUe Se QUemA CoN lEcHE, Vé UnA VAcA y lLorA

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    28 jun, 07
    Bokeronland (LEMG)
    ...........¿pero eso no existe ya? ¿no es lo del Tileproxy?
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    02 jun, 07
    Y si os digo que no me gusta ninguno de los 2...

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    18 sep, 08
    Alas que no empujan, no son alas.
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