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    Corea y España discuten un acuerdo de intercambio entre entrenador y aviones de carga


    Korea and Spain are in talks to hold a joint committee meeting for a possible swap deal involving trainer jets and cargo planes this month, local media reported, Sunday.

    According to government sources, Sunday, officials are on track to hold a planned joint military defense committee meeting between the defense forces of Korea and Spain in Madrid in the middle of this month.

    The sources said the agenda is not finalized but there is a possibility it will be decided sooner and its schedule finalized by this week.

    Military and defense industry officials say the subject will likely be a swap deal for Korea's trainer and cargo aircraft.

    Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI), the nation's largest private defense company, is competing with a Swiss company to win a deal to supply trainer jets to Spain's air forces. The Korean Air Force, meanwhile, is known to be considering Spain's Airbus A400M or the U.S.'s Boeing C-17 as its future cargo plane.

    Spain hopes to sell four to six Airbus A400M planes to Korea while buying about 30 KT-1 basic trainer jets and 20 T-50 advanced trainer planes from Korea in exchange.

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