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    Traffic Jam Assist - does it work for you


    in my 110 kw TDI I thought traffic Jam Assist was working, but it seems not completely. I have model year 2018, I have DSG, LAne Assist, Adaptive Cruise COntrol. Side Assists and It works quite well , the car stops itself and if the car before me moves inside 3 seconds, my car will also move.
    The ony minor issue is that as soon the speed is bellow 40 mph, the light for Lane Assis always changes from green to orange and is stays that way.
    Beside it the ACC light is green all the time. If the speed is faster than 40 mph (and the lanes can be recognized), the LAne Assist changes to green.In some other forums I found a mix of experiences..some users have both lightsin green below 40 mph and some have the situation as I have..ACC green and Lane Assis orange. Whht is your experience ?

    please help

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