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    How to capture phase change of gas from liquid to gas upon releasing pressure?


    I am trying to model a gas pressure regulator using a poppet pressure reducer. I have a couple of questions in this regard:
    I am trying to model the flow of compressed (liquefied) CO2 from a gas cartridge into the poppet pressure reducer. Is it possible to capture the phase change from liquid to gas due to expansion (when the cartridge is opened) using PNCH002? If not, what is a good way to go about it?
    After opening the gas cartridge, its gas content continuously decreases and there comes a point when the pressure at the exit of the poppet pressure reducer starts to increase (the ‘supply pressure effect’ phenomenon). Is it possible to capture this in AMESim? If yes, I have to choose specific components and/or options to capture this, or this will be a natural result of the simulation?

    Any help is greatly appreciated.
    Please help.


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    Banana Power!
    14 oct, 08
    En tu pantalla
    Tú lo que necesitas es una dobladora de tubos (pipe bender).



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