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    RAZBAM News

    RAZBAM news
    ED Forums - View Single Post - Announcing RAZBAM DCS: A-7E/D
    Ok guys, Ron Zambrano here, head of RAZBAM:
    1st of all, all announcements regarding new projects, cancellations or things in the same nature, if you didn´t read it coming from me, it´s a rumor, or a missunderstood statement.

    2nd, the A-7 is not on "ice", or on hold, it is on the development list. we can´t discuss development priorities without breaching our NDA agreement. There are some development issues that prevents projects like the A-7 to be properly created for DCS. But the aircraft will be developed period.

    Harriers are on schedule, but be advised, that we changed from the Av-8B PLUS to the GR7/GR9 model as our initial Harrier release, we might squeeze in the AV-8B Night Attack version, BUT, we are getting our sea legs with trainers and doing incremental releases avionics wise.

    So far, what we got on track and moving are the T-2 Buckeye (USN C version, and D & E export versions) with AFM, since there is no reason for a T-2 without realistic flight model since Every jet-qualified Naval Aviator and virtually every Naval Flight Officer from the late 1950s until 2004 received training in the T-2 Buckeye, a length of service spanning four decades, that means, Hornet pilots and it´s the perfect tool prior to DCS (ED´s) F/A-18 Hornet.
    The next project will be the M2000C developed by Tim Taylor´s Metal2Mesh company and marketed and coded for DCS by RAZBAM, probably, by the same time, you´ll see the Texan II in both versions and then you´ll see a Harrier Package IF (big IF here) things change, we´ll post changes here, meaning that the F-15E could be moved forward, or the A-7 or any of our other DCS projects under the shades
    Thanks for your time
    Best regards



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