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    I have been somewhat invisible in the forum recently- which many of you will recognize from history means that we are at that "peak of heavy lifting" on the 777.

    I wanted to give you a quick update on a few items that are currently in the mix- as well as clear up a few items that have "taken on a life of their own" so to speak.

    PMDG 777-200LR:
    The PMDG 777-200LR is progressing exceptionally well. While we have not hit any significant developmental snags as we did with the NGX (my head hurts just thinking about that development cycle!) we aren't progressing as quickly as we would like. This has everything to do with the things we have decided to add to this airplane and very little to do with technical difficulty or getting hung up developing new technology... On the NGX HUD for example, we were inventing new technology and it set us back four full months. On the 777 we are refining technologies we already developed for the NGX so things are quite a bit easier- but we have added some things to the airplane that were not part of our original work-plan and that means taking a bit more time as well....

    Just as we did with the NGX- we aren't showing you much at this point in time for a couple of reasons. First, we want to get the airplane "cleaned up" before we show it to you in order to make for a much more robust preview series. (I don't like having to say: "ignore XYZ that is in there as part of a test," etc.)

    Second, just as we did with the NGX we are holding our cards close to our chest in order not to tip our hand on just how sweet this airplane has become.

    I'm not certain precisely when we will start sharing her with you- but it shouldn't be too much longer to wait. (Disclaimer: I am offering no measurable timeline here... for those who like to parse my sentences. Imagen enviada )

    We are not giving much attention to the artificial timelines such as "alpha testing" or "Beta testing" etc in our information cycle this time around. Right now the only timeline we are working with is the potential release timeline and that has not changed since the day we started development. At this point we are only telling you that release is anticipated this year. (Note: This estimate is an estimate based on what we know as of this moment. It is not a contract- and we reserve the right to release the product at any point between now and 2038.)

    As always- we are having a ton of fun packing functionality into the airplane. We are looking forward to previewing her for you when the time is right!

    We are preparing to make live the Captain and Chief Pilot manual sets for the 777. I anticipate that they will go live in the next 7-10 days or so... We are going to be offering 10% off initially- and the price will go up once the 777 releases- so get your order in early!

    The DC-6 is getting dangerously close to beta testing! I had anticipated this project releasing to you mid summer, but i think maybe she'll be a bit later than that. I am going to coordinate with Henning to get some previews out relatively soon (after the office move... see other post for details on that.)

    As some of you know- I'm a bit of a classic propliner fanatic and this airplane tickles the funny bone in a way that glass cockpits simply cannot... If you are even remotely interested in piloting- this airplane will give you no-end to challenges. Unlike a jet, you can't just power the motors to idle and dive for the ground- it takes some planning!

    (Don't worry- we'll teach you how!)

    This will be the first airplane we start previewing- and I'm betting it will release ahead of the 777... Stay tuned for more.

    PMDG 747-400 v2.0:
    As many of you know- the 400 is my favorite airplane by quite a margin- so it is really exciting to be at work on this airframe once again. We are not going to preview this airplane for you until the 777 is released or nearly released- but work is moving forward on schedule.

    Last week we had a robust internal debate on how to adapt our house colors so that the v2.0 airplane would be visually differentiated from the original 400X... Pete and Jason collaborated on a really outstanding new livery for the 400v2.0 and I think you'll really like what they came up with.

    PMDG 737NG Future Development (SP2, ERs, Mils, etc)
    I have mentioned a couple of times- but I'll say again here just for clarity that the next update to the NGX product line will take place after the 777 release.

    This will allow us to unify some changes to the operation of products as we refine some technologies currently inside both the NGX and the 777.

    We are currently working to expand the SDK capabilities in the 777 based upon feedback we have gotten from a number of hardware developers. The improved functionality that results will be folded into the NGX through an update to that product after the 777 development is completed.

    Okay- lets see... What am I forgetting?

    OH- yes- this one:

    PMDG WoodPigeon:
    We are still arguing over whether to use stitz or standard aviation canvas on this one. We did have a small mishap with a gas torch and one of Dr. Vaos' cigarettes and the tail of the airplane- but we found a role of masking tape that matches what is left of the rudder and we think it should still fly relatively well.... Imagen enviada

    Stay tuned....
    Robert S. Randazzo Imagen enviada
    Precision Manuals Development Group
    PMDG Simulations



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